Can Business Schools help to transform society - using marketing...


LSBU Business School are pleased to present a third instalment of its Professional Lecture Series. When lockdown began last year, we maintained our commitment to address the learning needs of our staff, students, local business communities & beyond by delivering a series of virtual lectures with the aim of providing professional training & insights. Given that we are still operating remotely and following on from the success of last year's lectures, colleagues from LSBU's Business School have come together to develop an insightful & engaging new programme to carry us through to summer 2021.

An opportunity open to all, and with the broad business community with whom we are engaged in mind, our aim is to support the community and facilitate networks, especially in light of how the pandemic has affected so many business owners. This is reflected in many of the topics we will be addressing.

'Can Business Schools help to transform society – using marketing for the greater good' with Dr. Barbara Czarnecka, Associate Professor in Marketing, LSBU

Description: Can marketers serve societies and individuals in a way different than manipulating us to buy yet another pair of jeans? In this professional lecture I will focus on explaining how concepts and tools from commercial marketing can be used to design initiatives to change people’s behaviour in non-commercial contexts.

This professional lecture is for two groups of people:

1) Commercial marketers who are wondering if they could use their marketing knowledge and expertise to create positive societal and individual change;

2) Individuals who work in non-commercial settings and their roles require developing activities aimed at changing or maintaining people's behaviour for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole.

If you would like to learn how to use marketing principles and tools to encourage people to exercise more, to save energy, to stay at home during a pandemic, or to recycle used batteries, this session is for you.


1pm - Welcome & Zoom functionality

1.05pm - Lecture: Can Business Schools help to transform society – using marketing for the greater good

1.35pm - Q & A plus Networking

2pm - Close

This event will be delivered online using Zoom. The joining instructions will be emailed to you the day before the event takes place.

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Dr Barbara Czarnecka is an Associate Professor of Marketing at London South Bank University’s Business School. Dr Czarnecka’s interests focus on three main areas: 1) how to influence people to change their behaviour; 2) global consumer culture; and 3) the behaviour of international organisations and how they influence and interact with culture, governments and individuals. Dr Czarnecka’s current investigations seek to uncover the influence of global consumer culture on impulsive buying, the relations between cultural values and acceptance of global consumer culture, and the relations between consumer empowerment and consumer social identities.

Dr Czarnecka is the co-author of two textbooks: Marketing Communications (2014) published by Routledge, and International Marketing (2018) to be published by Sage. She also blogs about her research on