Apprenticeships in a Post-Covid World

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'Apprenticeships in a Post Covid World – The case for Management & Digital Marketing Skills' - Katrin Franke, Sammy Shummo

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic is posing the most challenging crisis the world has faced since the Second World War – testing the strength and resilience of our society and economies. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, skills development and lifelong learning systems were facing increasing challenges

in meeting the fast-changing demand of labour markets. Global megatrends, including new technologies, globalisation, demographic shifts, climate change, and migration, are causing the loss of some jobs while also creating new opportunities. By intensifying the ongoing challenges in the world of education and the world of work, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed an urgent demand on individuals to acquire new skills, reskill, and upskill to adapt to the new normal.

This lecture will aim to look at the apprenticeship landscape post Covid and why there is an increase need for management and digital marketing skills. This is a great opportunity to:

  • Understand the impact of Covid on apprenticeships
  • Understand the changing labour market and skills
  • Understand the post Covid apprenticeship world

We'll explore:

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the training and development of employees, apprentices and interns/trainees
  • The good practices and innovative solutions instigated by various enterprises and other organisations to mitigate the impact of the pandemic
  • Management and Digital Marketing in post Covid World
  • The future of apprenticeships

Sammy Shummo is the Group Director for Apprenticeships for the LSBU Group, which includes London South Bank University, South Bank Colleges and South Bank Academies. He manages the Group’s dedicated apprenticeships team, providing strategic guidance and leadership on apprenticeship delivery across its institutions, which ranges from Level 2 to Level 7 and, at LSBU, includes the widest range of standards at any higher education provider. Prior to joining LSBU in 2018, Sammy worked in further education for more than a decade. Sammy’s focus throughout his career has been on business engagement and offering opportunities for people to realise their potential.”

Dr Katrin Franke is the Academic Lead for Apprenticeships as well as the Course Director to all Business School apprentices. She manages course design, set-up and delivery, and provides academic and 20% off-the-job guidance to apprentices. She is also Course Director to Euro-FH International Business Seminar students and specialises in teaching consumer behaviour and strategic brand management at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Katrin is interested in small brands, behavioural brand loyalty, competitive market structure modelling and strategic brand management. Marketing theory and real-world marketing are often at odds and Katrin is keen to ensure that students develop their critical thinking to make logical deductions on the background of dynamic business environments.

During and after graduating from The University of Technology (Ilmenau, Germany), Katrin spent several years in industry before becoming an academic. Throughout that time she gained experience in small business and management, cross-border joint ventures and integrated international marketing. She also has an MSc in International Marketing (LSBU) and has completed her PhD on competitive market structure modelling in 2020. Before taking up teaching full-time, Katrin joined LSBU in January 2016 as a Visiting Lecturer and, being a proponent of the principles of marketing science, teaches the laws of marketing to students at all levels.


8.30am - Welcome & introduction

8.35am - Lecture: 'Apprenticeships in a Post Covid World – The case for Management & Digital Marketing Skills'

9.05am - Q & A & discussion

9.25am - Closing words & summary

9.30am - Close

This event will take place at LSBU's Business School - the address can be found on this page. Given this event will take place in person, we ask that you be considerate around COVID guidelines & suggestions and when interacting with other people.

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Passmore Centre
London South Bank University